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All in one place

AARHUS Kollegiet is divided into 2 main buildings: building 8, and building 10. Starting from the outside, If you own a car, we offer you a comfortable space to park your vehicle with 2 parking lots. There is also a basketball court and common trash cans area.

Inside the dorm, at the centre of it all, you can enjoy the beautiful private garden. The dorm has 3 rooftops and 3 shared greenhouses. It also has 2 bike rooms (one for each building), private storage rooms in the basement, and a laundry room.


The lobby

The lobby in AARHUS Kollegiet is a great place to hang out with friends and meet new people. It is a spacious area furnished with comfortable chairs, spacious tables, big couches, big screen TV, and even a bar! This area is designed to create a cosy environment for the dorm's residents.


There are many social activities that take place in the lobby. There are also events hosted by the Party Committee and the Tutors; these range from movie nights to parties and many others.


Study room

The study room in AARHUS Kollegiet has high ceilings, large windows and it's very spacious. The colour choices are neutral and subtle, so it will not be too distracting.


There are comfortable chairs, big desks and also blackboards that give you the feeling of a peaceful environment so you can read, study and do homework without noise. Here, you can have your own peace and quite time within a modern environment.

The garden

The private garden at AARHUS Kollegiet is filled with multiple benches, tables and modern grills for the residents to enjoy their meals or hang out with friends surrounded by nature. The space is also big enough to host outside games, while at the same time intimate enough to have a party in.

The garden has multiple plants and trees that change colours throughout the year that gives a peaceful feeling that's perfect for a nap or just reading a book under the sun.



The dorm's rooftops provide a great view of the neighbourhood and the private garden. Here, you can enjoy watching the sunset, listening to music, having a meal or being with your friends.

In addition, the rooftop comes with shared greenhouses, which you can use to plant your favourite plants or veggies and watch them grow.

Laundry room

The laundry room is located on the ground floor of building 8. It has washing machines, dryers and shared laundry racks. In addition, here you can also find a ping pong table, so you can play while waiting for the machines to be done.


The laundry room is also budget-friendly. And on top of that, you can use your credit card as well as Mobile Pay to pay for your wash/dry.

20220315_100838 (1).jpg

Bike storage

The dorm has a bike storage for students to store their bikes in. The bike storage room for building 10 is located in the basement, and for building 8 is located on the ground floor, close to the laundry room.


Here, you and your friends can store your bike safely in an easy-to-park environment. To enter/exit the storage rooms, you can count on an automatic door that allows you to move more freely with your bike.

Private storage

When you move into AARHUS Kollegiet, depending where you will live, you'll be assigned to a private storage cage located in the basement of building 8 or building 10.


You can use this storage cage for anything you want: extra clothing, furniture, toiletries etc. This is a great space to store things that you want to keep but don't want cluttering up your room.

Would you like to see your future home?

To find out more about the apartments and all of its features that AARHUS Kollegiet has to offer you, click the icon down below!

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