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For those who want affordable modern housing with a solid community.

Welcome home

The large common areas, shared lounges, rooftop terraces and the courtyard allows you to be part of a larger community and meet with other students across the dorm.


In addition, each resident is part of a smaller community that we like to call: cluster. Here, you can be part of an almost family-like environment where you can share a  kitchen and lounge area with your neighbours. Perfect for partying, socialising and relaxing.


AARHUS Kollegiet is therefore more than just a place to live. It's a place that allows you to experience your best student life. Here, you can feel like at home. Would you like to see more? Click the icon down below!


Your room

The rooms that AARHUS Kollegiet has to offer are inspired by the "tiny house" concept, where less is more. The focus on quality and use of space is emphasised in every square metre.

Regardless of housing type, a great emphasis has been placed on daylight and contact with the outside world. Many hours are often spent at home studying and doing homework. Therefore, light and atmosphere in your room have been given a higher priority.

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What do residents say?

AARHUS Kollegiet provides you many features to create your best student life, but also to make wonderful memories. From theme parties, common meals, social gatherings etc. We've got you covered!

But, what is it like to live here? We collected a few words from some of our residents that wanted to share what it is like to live in our dorm.


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The neighbourhood

AARHUS Kollegiet is located in Brabrand, a neighbourhood 15 minutes away from the city centre. Here, anything that you might need in your everyday student life, is in the palm of your hand.


A coffee shop, restaurant and huge market in front of the dorm? Check. A library with printers, computers and books to borrow 90 metres close by? Check. A mall filled with everyday stores, supermarkets and a gym 500 metres away? Check. A bus stop in front of the dorm's entrance that can lead you anywhere in the city in no time? Check.


And much, much more to see and experience in this beautiful neighbourhood. Check out the interactive map below to discover more!

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