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Experience your best student life!

Being a student is an exciting and fun part of your life. When many young people move away from their homes for the first time, it is important to have a place that gives you an active student life!


Aside from all the social activities that are being organized by the Tutor Team, here at AARHUS Kollegiet, with the help of the Party Committee, you'll get even more! For example, you can take part in frequently organized parties that the entire dorm can enjoy!


Would you like to see more about the social life at the dorm? Check out our social media channels to be up to date for our past, current and future events!


Meet the tutors


Tutor for building 10

  • Find Ella on Facebook

Tutor for building 10

  • Find Anne-Mette on Facebook

Tutor for building 8

  • Find Balázs on Facebook

"Our job is to make sure that you feel at home. At our first meeting, we will introduce you to everything that is important to know for everyone's well-being. For example: housekeeping, social activities, your cluster and other general rules.


During your stay, we will have meetings with you and your cluster neighbors to discuss everything related to the current living status and more.


For this and everything else, feel free to contact us! We look forward to meeting you!"

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